Our Role, Our Clients & Our Message

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Our Role

  • We are a volunteer support based organisation that translates complex service systems to a wide variety of people, promoting self-advocacy to access social support systems and building individual capability, particularly around digital literacy.
  • We provide support to vulnerable groups as they transverse many government systems provide opportunities to build capabilities and we are the point of call when people don’t know where to start.
  • We recognise a life cycle approach and that some people move in and out of states of vulnerability.
  • We seek to build capacity and resilience for and in people to address their own challenges and needs as well as advocating effectively for services at a systemic and individual level.

Our Clients

  • Socially isolated and vulnerable people, through their life experiences of institutional care, racism, sexual and gender identity or socio economic disadvantage who are experiencing emotional and mental anguish.
  • Frail and ageing people and their families and carers needing counselling to access aged care services, respite care, social support and to maintain independence and control in their lives
  • People with disability and older people seeking to live independently and exercise control and be in control of their lives
  • Older job seekers experiencing age based discrimination in the labour market, needing retraining and counselling on job searching and maintaining wellbeing in times of stress
  • New arrivals or long term unemployed people who reside in South Australia who are socially isolated and for whom volunteering is a pathway to employment.

Our Message

  • Our Future is full of possibilities as we work with and respond to the communities needs and aspirations
  • Our Future has its genesis in our history of being a known, trusted and independent service
  • Our Future will be enriched by creating and developing partnerships and collaborations with other like-minded organisations
  • Our Future builds on our values and commitment to be recognised as offering inclusive services and helping those most vulnerable
  • Our Future will be enhanced by being a responsive and flexible organisation constantly seeking to improve our services and finding innovative ways to deliver beneficial outcomes in the community for older people and people living with disability.

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