LGBTI+ Film Group

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2020-07-09 13:00 - 15:00
Catalyst Foundation
Phone:8168 8776
Address: 149 Currie Street, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
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Join us tomorrow to chat about things you’re watching!

Hi everyone!

Below are the instructions for tomorrow’s film group, if you’d like to join. The film we will be chatting about first is the South Australian film 52 Tuesdays. If you have time, you can watch it on SBS On Demand for free here: To watch, you will need to create an account (FREE) with SBS if you don’t already have one, by entering an email address and a password. Don’t worry if you can’t watch it, we will also talk about other things we’re all watching.

We are using ‘Zoom’ for the actual meeting tomorrow at 1pm. Please read through the instructions below in advance, as you may have to install the Zoom app if you’re using a tablet. I’ve tried to make the instructions as step-by-step as possible, but I know that you may run into issues. If so, please give me a call (0436021896) and I will talk you through it.


  1. Click the link at the time of the group (1pm) or in advance if you want to practice.
  2. You will see a box that says ‘open‘. Click the box that says ‘open‘.
  3. You will see a box that shows you a preview of your video, and you can choose to join with or without video. Choose what you would like.
  4. Another box will open with options to join in with audio. Click ‘join with computer audio’. Then you will be in the ‘meeting’!

IF USING YOUR PHONE OR A TABLET (e.g. an ipad or a samsung tablet):

  1. Download the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app from the app store that you use (e.g. app store, or google play store). It is FREE.
  2. Once you have installed that app (allow access to microphone, camera etc), open the app, and click ‘Join a meeting’.
  3. You will see a box with ‘Join a meeting’ at the top, and a box below that says ‘meeting ID’. Click on that box, and enter the following number 638-648-519. In the box below write the name that you want people to see when you join. Then click ‘Join’.
  4. You will be shown a box that says ‘Zoom would like to access the camera’. Click ‘ok’. Then click ‘join with video’ (or ‘join without video’ if you’d rather. Click ‘ok’ again, and then ‘allow’, and then ‘call using internet audio’
  5. You can press on the screen and change your options (e.g. turn your camera off, or mute yourself if you’re not talking for a while, or ‘leave the meeting’). You can also select ‘gallery view’ (a round white circle on the left of your screen’ to see everyone at the same time)


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