Dementia & Driving: Supporting Driving Retirement

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Dementia & Driving: Supporting Driving Retirement

In 2016 Catalyst Foundation in collaboration with SGIC and the South Australian Government launched a series of professional development workshops for local general practitioners (GP’s) and practice nurses in the northern suburbs of Adelaide on the topic of supporting patients, their families and carers to retire from driving using the Dementia and Driving Decision Aid (DDDA) booklet.

Dementia & Driving: Decision Aid Booklet
The Driving and Dementia Decision Aid (DDDA) booklet has been designed and developed by the University of Wollongong to ease conflict within the family. Family, friends, carers and health professionals, often find it difficult to talk to people diagnosed with dementia about driving until things are at a crisis point. The DDDA booklet supports people with early diagnosis of dementia to plan driving retirement and to make the critical decision themselves whilst supported by their GP, family member or carer.

The DDDA booklet has been divided into four user-friendly stages of decision-making and has been reviewed by international and national experts, consumer groups. Catalyst Foundation hopes the booklet will be a guide to support the community of South Australia.

The four stages of decision making are:
1. Clarifying your decision
2. What do you need to make your decision?
3. Weighing your options
4. What next?

You can access a copy of the Dementia & Driving Decision Aid Booklet below in English, and other languages including Italian, Greek and Vietnamese.

Dementia & Driving Decision Aid Booklet – English
Dementia & Driving Decision Aid Booklet – Italian
Dementia & Driving Decision Aid Booklet – Greek
Dementia & Driving Decision Aid Booklet – Vietnamese

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