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Monthly Events

The LGBTI Over 50’s Project

The LGBTI Over 50’s Project supports people in the LGBTI community who are over the age of 50.  The aim is to provide an opportunity for people to connect on a social level.  We have a number of regular social activities as well as one-off gatherings, information sessions and events.

Monthly LGBTI Community Dinner

The dinners are held on the 1st Thursday of each month and open to all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Intersex people along with their friends or partners.  The first dinner was held in July 2015 at The Gilbert Hotel, with 13 people attending.  In August 2015 over 30 people attended the dinner at The Arab Steed Hotel, where it was agreed that this venue should be the preferred place to hold all future dinners, based on the convenient location, good parking, excellent food choices, and many had previous connections to the pub in the past.  Since beginning, the dinners are attended by an average of 25-30 people each month with at least one third being women.

The dinner is a great opportunity to connect or re-connect with the LGBTI community, in a safe, friendly and welcoming environment.  New people and interstate and overseas visitors are always welcome.

LGBTI Over 50’s Book Club

Meets on the 1st Wednesday of each month from 1 – 3pm at Catalyst Foundation 149 Currie Street Adelaide.
The Book Club is a social group of LGBTI book lovers, unlike most book clubs where the entire group read the same book; this one is less formal and more social. The group meets and brings along the book/s they have been reading and let people know a bit about the book/s and if they thought it was worth reading or not. People are welcome to come along at any time and given the informal nature you can attend when you are available or each and every month. As one book club member exclaimed “I’m too old to waste my time reading a boring book, I’d rather read something I know I can get into and will be worth reading!”

LGBTI Coffee Catch-Up

Meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month from 1 –3pm in a café within the Adelaide CBD.
The Coffee Catch-up is an opportunity to connect and catch up with other LGBTI people who are over 50 in a relaxed welcoming social environment, have a coffee or food and a chat around the table. It is an informal gathering and a great way to establish new friendships and meet other people within the LGBTI community and provides a social option for people who don’t like to go out at night to remain connected to other LGBTI people. The Coffee Catch-up is also a good way for  people who are new to South Australia to connect into the LGBTI community and find out what’s happening and where.

For more information or to come along to any of our social gatherings and events, please contact Paul, our LGBTI Community Development Worker by filling out the form below or calling us at 8168 8723.

Special Events

Feast Festival & Pride March

We participate in annual LGBTI events including Pride March and Picnic in the Park.



Big Gay Day

We organise a social gathering for 50’s LGBTI community to come together for an afternoon of socializing and enjoying a great barbecue.


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