Money & Work

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Money & Work

Whether you are looking for work, a career change, planning for or approaching retirement or you would like to start up a business, this Money and Work section can be a useful starting point.

The following topics cover various aspects of your financial life.

Looking for work? Not sure where to start? Start here.

Reverse Mortgages
These allow people of age 60 and above to borrow money against real estate assets, usually their home. Repayment is not required until they sell or vacate the property, or is taken from their estate.

Starting a Small Business
Establishing and managing a successful small business can be financially rewarding and personally satisfying. However as many small businesses fail within the first 12 months of establishment, careful planning is required to ensure your ‘baby’ is a success.

Financial Planning
Financial planning is the process of meeting your life goals through proper financial management.

Superannuation (super) is an excellent way to invest money for your retirement. Tax concessions and other government benefits currently make super one of the best ways to invest for the long term.

Pensions and Benefits
The Commonwealth and State governments provide a range of pensions and benefits to seniors who meet certain eligibility criteria.

Concessions for Seniors
What concession cards are available for seniors? Are you eligible? What discounts and concessions are you entitled to with the various concession cards?

Money Savvy?
It can be a difficult task sometimes to keep a positive balance in your finance, especially when your household budget is tight and you need to get your debts down and maximise your super. On the Money Start website there is a free tool that can help you to manage your money and stay on track! Try the Money Smart’s Money Health Check at

Be Energy Smart… What can I do?
Running all the appliances needed in a modern home can be expensive. By being energy smart, you can minimise the amount of energy you use without losing any of your home comfort.

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