Training and Seminars

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Catalyst Foundation is able to offer the Aged Care services sector opportunities to develop and support the workforce challenges that are emerging. We assist with Training and development presentations to equip your staff to ensure that not only are their skills and knowledge updated but that this in turn ensures that the wellness and reablement practices required are embedded and expressed holistically when they work with clients.

Free Online Training (2020 sessions)

Interactive and thought provoking sessions that invite you to engage with a range of ideas to extend your current thinking and practices. All sessions are hosted by Catalyst Foundation and presented by Dana Lavenant Workforce & Industry Development Officer, ACSA

Right Relationship

Wednesday 21 October, 9.30am-11.30 am via Zoom link


This workshop will explore the concept of “Right Relationship”, as defined by Michael Kendrick. The participants will consider the impact of home as the workplace as well as clarify the difference between “friend” and “friendly”. The strategies explored during the workshop can reduce negative experiences of the vulnerable/older person. Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of “right relationship”
  • Identify the impact of the home as the workplace
  • Understand what constitutes professional behaviour and a formal relationship
  • Clarify the difference between “friend” and “friendly”

Reablement, Recovery and Independence

Wednesday 28 October, 9.30am-11.30am via Zoom link


Interactive and thought-provoking, this session is a journey of understanding the motivation for people to build their capacity to recover from the impacts of setbacks and health challenges and reach greater independence in their lives. Learning Outcomes:

  • To describe the concepts of Independence, Recovery & Reablement
  • To increase your knowledge about the benefits of focusing on Recovery and Independence
  • To understand how the shift from traditional approaches to enabling ones promotes greater independence for people
  • To identify skills to strengthen newly learned concepts & enhance reablement outcomes for older people

Strength-based Approaches

Thursday 12 November, 9.30am-11.30am via Zoom link


Traditionally aged services have focused on the deficits and losses of a person. The session will explore enabling & strength-based approaches to enhance outcomes for older people. Appreciating what is possible can lead to better outcomes for the person. Participants will investigate their own strengths and seek strengths of fellow learners. Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding what strengths are
  • Identify the negative impacts of deficit-based approaches and low expectations
  • Explore a range of strength-based approaches
  • Strategies that can be used immediately

Keeping Connected

Wednesday 25 November, 9.30am-11.30am via Zoom link


Keeping connected becomes increasingly difficult as some people age. Due to the losses and health impacts people face, loneliness and isolation can increase. This negatively affects an older persons wellness and reablement. This session will investigate the complex nature of loneliness and Isolation, exploring practical strategies to support the loneliest people in the community. Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the importance of natural freely given relationships and community connections
  • Apply knowledge in addressing the loneliness of people
  • Recognise benefits of community connection and inclusion to reduce the experience of loneliness

Managing Difficult Conversations

Wednesday 9 December, 9.30am-11.30am via Zoom link


Difficult conversations cannot always be avoided when we are working in the human services. Therefore it is important that we know how to manage these conversations in positive ways. This workshop aims to give you some strategies to manage difficult conversations using positive intent and good processes. Learning Outcomes: Gain insight into 3 types of conversations and the effectiveness to turn difficult encounters into constructive conversations. Explore the importance of self awareness and empathy when navigating tricky conversations. Identify strategies that can shift difficult conversations into meaningful communication.

We also have Aged Care Industry specialist trainers who present their industry experience to further develop your organisations workforce requirements. Cultural Diversity training and awareness is an important part of what we do with tailored services that are appropriate and sensitive to Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities (CALD), LGBTIQA+ information to support this community, Aboriginal Cultural Diversity just to name a few. At Catalyst we are ready to bring to your organisation our current range of presentations or we can tailor sessions to your unique requirements.  See our calendar to choose the right training according to your needs, or please contact our Learning and Development department to discuss the needs and topics you would like covered. Topics we can present to your staff or clients include:

  • Consumer Directed Care
  • Getting Clients To Set Goals
  • Self-Managing Plans
  • Dignity and Risk Management

Please see our Information /Sessions Calendar which is updated regularly with our sessions

Consumer Education

Our consumer education adds another layer of support to the sector by informing and equipping people who are eligible for Aged Care services. Community education presentations are run weekly both in-house and out in the community. The presentations are designed to ensure that every topic is underpinned with the importance of wellness and reablement of the community to ensure that the desired goal of living at home independently is achievable. We show people how to turn I Can’t into I Can, which is a powerful presentation to equip and enable consumers to reach for their attainable goals. Our sessions include-

  • Digital Literacy
  • IPad Training
  • Be Scam Safe,
  • Internet Banking and Shipping
  • Technology for Wellbeing
  • I Can
  • Maximising independence through the Commonwealth Home Support Program
  • Introduction to My Aged Care
  • Downsizing
  • Estate Planning including Advanced Care Directives
  • Financial Planning

 We look forward to hearing from you to find out how we can help you.  Call us on (08) 8168 8776 and ask for Jo or Susantha or email

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